It’s all about Intent…

“The only limit to success is your own imagination.” ~Shonda Rhimes

Why create your own journal, you may ask? Well, there’s a few reasons is my reply.

First, you have complete control over the creative decisions you make when choosing the materials that will be used for each specific purpose. Second, there will never be two journals that are exactly the same because of this. Third, you are adding your own energy and intent into each page which makes it more yours than anything else!

So what is the actual process to creating the journal? Well, before we get to that part, here are some of the decisions to be made before you start:

1. What will the journal be used for? Is it for drawing/sketching, writing, scrapbooking, crafting, painting, junk journaling, bullet journaling, dream journaling…?
2. What size should it be? (Trust me, in this case size does matter…) Do you want a small one that will be easy to take with (travel size) or a larger book to keep in one place?
3. What type of covering should be used? Fabric, leather, vinyl, paper?
4. How many pages would you like it to be…50, 100, 200, more? Should they be tea stained or plain white, lined or blank? Should the pages be removable or fixed? If fixed, what is the best binding method to be used to make the signatures/text block? A Coptic stitch? Kettle stitch? Although that may be up to the individual bookbinder…
5. What types of end papers should be used?
6. What is the color scheme that matches your personality? This can play a big role in choosing numbers 3 and 5, plus don’t forget the ribbon to use for a bookmark, if you decide you want one.

That’s a lot of things to think about, isn’t it? Never fret…there’s no one specific way that it has to be. That’s the beauty of it. It’s absolutely personal to you!

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