Questioning the Validity of an Idea

Once in a while an idea will come along and grab hold that you just can’t shake loose. But it’s difficult not to question the validity of the idea, especially during the start-up phases. Doubts permeate the mind, making you question everything having to do with it. That has been our journals for me.

I’ve found that it hasn’t been easy. The idea has been kicking around in our brains for quite awhile, and even though there’s a vision in our heads of what (and where) we want our journals to be, I find myself constantly questioning every little thing to do with them and the process. Those nagging self-doubts about whether our books are good enough, whether they are a commodity that someone else would want to purchase, keeps knocking me back a bit.

But it’s at those precise moments that I need to tell that doubt to “shut the (insert the expletive of your choice here) up” and just do it! That’s when I need to rely on my better half to support me (and I him) and say “we can do this!” and show ourselves that indeed we can and we will.

So it’s time to set those goals and set those ideas in motion. Tomorrow is a new day!

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